Naked Food’s Affiliate Trainers and Coaches

Here are a few of our Naked Food’s Affiliate Trainers and Coaches:

Reed Stevenson
Reed Stevenson, American Muscle Training, Frankie’s Bodyshop



Chloe Padilla
Chloe Padilla, Fit Tech Training, Frankie’s Bodyshop


Kendra Carter
Kendra Carter, Kendragon Strength and Conditioning, Frankie’s Body Shop


Sarah Van Sickle
Sarah Van Sickle, Uplifted Training, Arsenal Strength Training Facility



Zach Quayle
Zach Quayle, Crossfit Courageous


Jacki Kellogg
Jacki Kellogg, Les Mills National trainer


Luke Pfleger, Elite Runner, Running Coach, Manager Juice Bar Market Square.


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