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How to Pay Tolls for Hire Cars

Toll roads

If travelling toll roads in a hire car, you’ll be responsible for paying the costs. Our car hire suppliers fit their vehicles with e-Tags, which automatically cover the price of any tolls during your journey, so don’t pay these costs in advance, via Linkt, or by any means not outlined by your supplier.

Each rental company has its own conditions for toll payment and may charge you additional administration fees for any unpaid tolls. It’s a good idea to ask your supplier about their toll payment policy when you pick up the car.

In the meantime, here’s some info on how each car hire company may charge you for tolls:

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Avis, Budget, Europcar, and Thrifty vehicles are registered on the RMS e-toll system for use on any toll road in Australia.

Toll amounts will be charged to you by the same method used to pay for the vehicle—plus a service fee of $3.30 if you paid by credit card, and a $5 service fee if you paid by cash. These service fees must be paid for each calendar day on which the vehicle incurs a toll. Upon the completion of your journey, you will receive an invoice from the RMS detailing the cost of your tolls.

Don’t use any other tag or toll payment product for your Avis, Budget, Europcar, or Thrifty vehicle. If you do, you may be charged twice.

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East Coast will charge you for each toll from your nominated credit card. In addition, you’ll be charged a $3.30 daily service fee for any day you use a toll road. You can check your charges here by inputting your last name and the rental agreement number.

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Enterprise will receive a notification for any tolls you pass, and then charge you accordingly. Please note it can take up to a month for Enterprise to be notified of any and all toll charges. You’ll also be charged an administration fee of $1.33 per toll.

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Hertz’s Toll Day Pass offers unlimited tolls combined under one daily charge. The price is dependent on which state you collect your car in. You can take up this option at any point during your journey, all the way up until you return the vehicle.

Toll Day Pass rates (inc. GST) for Hertz’s passenger vehicles are:
NSW: $18.70 per day
VIC: $17.00 per day
QLD: $13.20 per day
ACT: $12.10 per day
SA: $12.10 per day

The cost of tolls can vary. For example, the price to travel the Clem7 in Brisbane will depend on the vehicle type. Some roads—like Melbourne’s Southern Link (M1)—will calculate the cost based on how far you travel, while the toll for Sydney Harbour Bridge can vary with certain times of the day. Suppliers may charge a service fee for managing your tolls, but you’re welcome to request receipts for a record of any applicable charges.

Estimate the cost of tolls with CityLink's toll calculator. For further details, review the Terms & Conditions for Toll Charge information.

*All prices listed on this page are in AUD and are subject to change without notice.


When you drive your rental car on toll roads

Remember that the toll charges vary per location, vehicle type and payment method. Apart from the toll fee, you may need to pay a service charge to your rental car provider. Avoid using other electronic tags or passes to avoid getting charged double since most rental cars are fitted with e-Tags that automatically charge your credit/debit card.